Which Hairstyles Will Get Guys to Notice You?

Hair is a fact of life. It covers us from head to toe (in varying spaces and amounts) and even serves many practical purposes, like providing warmth and keeping germs at bay (Nose hairs? Yep, they have a purpose). But hair has also proven to be a strong point of physical attraction. Hair styles change through the decades, but having the freshest look is a timeless struggle. Whether it’s beehives, below the shoulder braids, slick ponytails or the Fawcett flip, hair continues to be one of the most trendsetting body features.

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  • Long, Sexy Locks

2009 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle, your own opinion is always the most important. After all, it’s your hair! But plenty of women are interested in what men think of their style choices, so let’s discuss which hairstyles generally make men go ga-ga!

First and foremost, it’s all about length. While this isn’t true for every guy, the vast majority of dudes dig a lady with longer locks. To them, it makes us look more feminine, and they love the idea of running their fingers through our hair!

The best way to rock this style is to wear your hair down.


  • Sideswept Bangs

The Amazing Spider-Man - UK Premiere

While guys typically aren’t fans of bangs, because they make us look far too young, sideswept bangs are a different story! Instead of covering up most of your face, these bangs help to frame it.

Plus, sideswept bangs can fall over one eye, giving you that supersexy Jessica Rabbit look, which men find irresistable!


  • Straight


Straight hair is the most classically attractive hairstyle around. Take a look at most models and celebrities – they all, at one point or another, sport a sleek, straight hairdo. That’s because it’s always fashionable, and men love it! Straight hair is easy to run their hands through, which is a major plus for guys.

Are you bummed because you weren’t blessed with curly tresses? Don’t be! Straight hair is sexy!


  • Wavy

2008 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals

A lot of men love straight hair on a woman, but your hair doesn’t need to be perfectly straight to catch his eye! Wavy hair can be extremely sexy, giving him the impression that you’re low maintenance and carefree (whether or not you actually are). If your hair is on the wavier side, feel free to let it show!


  • Messy Bob


If you’re daring enough to opt for a shorter hairstyle, make sure not to go too short! Most guys aren’t a fan of short hair on women, because it makes us look older and/or like a boy. If you have the right face shape to pull off a shorter cut, though, try a messy bob!

This look works for guys because:

  • Still plenty of hair to run his hands through
  • Short enough to glimpse your sexy neck
  • Messy texture reminds him of how you look in bed


  • Curly


Probably the most eye-catching hairstyle of all is curly hair. Though this one isn’t every guy’s favorite, plenty of men love the look! In order to get the best results, make sure your hair always looks clean and well-kept.

A head full of bouncy, healthy curls can be very sexy. A head full of greasy, sloppy curls, on the other hand, is a total turn-off.


  • Ponytail

ponytail-sunglasses (1)

Ponytails in general aren’t most men’s favorite hairstyle. They can make you look immature, uptight, and/or lazy, none of which are attractive qualities. But under the right circumstances, ponytails can be appealing!

For example, many guys are impressed with a woman who can hop out of bed in the morning, throw her hair in a ponytail, and be ready in five minutes. It shows that you’re comfortable in your own skin and that you aren’t high-maintenance.

But for dates, a bit more maintenance is a good thing. In that case, skip the ponytail!


  • Loose Updo

81st Annual Academy Awards � Arrivals

Some updos can be far too glamorous to be sexy on a daily basis. If you do it right, though, an updo can really drive a guy wild! Give him a glimpse of your neck while showing off your long tresses in the process.

Some tips for a sexy updo:

  • Don’t overdo it with product. Your hair should still look soft to touch!
  • Let some hair fall down around your face.
  • Keep it loose, instead of overly tight.


  • Bed Head


Remember how we said that messy hair reminds guys of what you look like in bed? Of course that’s a positive memory for them, so why not opt for that look right off the bat?

To pull this off, you want to look like you just rolled out of bed looking glamorous. Don’t get too lazy, though! You’ll want your hair to be tousled, not tangled. The look only works if you put some work into it!


  • Keep It Shiny


It isn’t always the cut or length that captures a man’s attention. Sometimes, it all comes down to the shine! We’re not talking about greasy hair, here; that’s a different type of shine. If you keep your hair looking clean, healthy, and shiny, it’s sure to stop him in his tracks!

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