What NOT to Give For Valentine’s Day

a very NO NO for special someone


What Are Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girls?

best valentine’s gift for a woman

Red Heart Shaped Candies Surrounding an Engagement Ring in a Box

Which Cliché Valentine’s Day Gifts Actually Work?

DIY gifts


What Romantic Getaways Should You Consider?

love love love

the kiss 4

Kissing Tips Aimed to Please

The Playful Nibble If you’re feeling a little playful, nibble on his lip to let him know.   Rainy Day Kiss The only time a wet and sloppy kiss is cool.   Secret Smooch Never pass up an opportunity to steal a kiss.   Electrifying Kiss You feel the spark the moment your lips touch. […]

2008 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals

Which Hairstyles Will Get Guys to Notice You?

Hair is a fact of life. It covers us from head to toe (in varying spaces and amounts) and even serves many practical purposes, like providing warmth and keeping germs at bay (Nose hairs? Yep, they have a purpose). But hair has also proven to be a strong point of physical attraction. Hair styles change […]

How Do You Know If You're in the Friend Zone5

How Do You Know If You’re in the Friend Zone?

Never Calling First Are you always the first to call, text, or email, whether it’s just to say hi or to make plans to hang out? Unless this person is extremely shy, if he rarely or never makes the first move, it’s highly likely he considers you just a friend. He may like you, but […]

Romantic Missed Connections5

Romantic Missed Connections

Girl with the Brown Paper Bag Though most of the postings on Craigslist’s Missed Connections section seem to be filled with creepy strangers who are looking for some twisted fun, every so often, if you search long enough, you’ll find some romantic moments amidst the crowd. Here’s one such post: “To the beautiful woman on the uptown C […]

mushy quote10

Mushy Love Quotes You’ll Gush Over

All Of You Oh, Nicholas Sparks, you sure do know the way to a girl’s heart, don’t you?   Love Me Without Restrictions There should never be restrictions when it comes to love!   It Isn’t Always About Physical Touch Spiritual touches mean so much more.   Beginning of a Journey “Sometimes, reaching out and […]

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