Mushy Love Quotes You’ll Gush Over

Mushy Love Quotes You’ll Gush Over

All Of You Oh, Nicholas Sparks, you sure do know the way to a girl’s heart, don’t you?   Love Me Without Restrictions There should never be restrictions when it comes to love!   It Isn’t Always About Physical Touch Spiritual touches mean so much more.   Beginning of a Journey “Sometimes, reaching out and […]


Dating is a social activity involving two individuals who have a mutual interest in each other. It is a form of courtship with the aim and intention of assessing the other person’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse. Dating is the usual precursor to a long-term relationship or marriage. […]

Romantic Ways to Propose

Revisit Your First Date If you’re struggling to come up with a creative way to propose to your girlfriend, then just stick to the basics. It’s better to keep your proposal classic and simple rather than blow the whole thing by going over the top. Pick one of these romantic methods and get your girl […]

Ask Girl Out

Asking a girl out on a date isn’t as hard as it seems. Make sure you are confident in yourself, and be ready to accept rejection with ease. Even the way you react to a ‘no’ can make her interested when she wasn’t interested in the first place. Tips for Asking a Girl Out When […]

kissing tips

Whether it is the first bashful lip-lock or the 100th make out session, there are many kissing secrets which will instantly impress. Before kissing, remember: Moist lips are good! Run your tongue over your top lip quickly before u kiss. Girls: avoid the lip gloss, it can be slimy! Kissing Don’t: Don’t just sit there […]

Worst Types of First Dates

The Ex Obsessed We’ve all heard horror stories of this type of bad date, if not experienced it ourselves. This date has had a recent breakup and just can’t stop talking about his/her ex. News flash: the guy/girl you’re out with now doesn’t want to hear another damn word about the person you used to […]

How to Tell If He’s into You

He Might Be Into You If… People always say that women are confusing, but men can be just as hard to figure out! How are you supposed to know if he’s really into you, or if he’s just being a nice guy? Well, aside from the obvious tipoffs, like an up-front confession or an, ahem, more […]

Creative Ways to Tell Him “I LOVE YOU”

  Toast to Your Love Don’t just surprise him with breakfast in bed, surprise him with love on toast! The toast stamper allows you to express your feelings on bread. Who thought of this? Get in the Shower creates soaps that present the message for you. If you’re feeling naughty, get in the shower with him. He’ll […]

What Not To Talk About on a First Date

First Date Conversation When it comes to the nuances of the first date, the topics of conversation are the key to whether or not the date will be a successful one. If you talk about the wrong thing, the following could happen: You scare the person off. You intimidate the person. You reveal far too much information. You get into […]

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