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Romantic Missed Connections

Girl with the Brown Paper Bag

Though most of the postings on Craigslist’s Missed Connections section seem to be filled with creepy strangers who are looking for some twisted fun, every so often, if you search long enough, you’ll find some romantic moments amidst the crowd. Here’s one such post:

“To the beautiful woman on the uptown C train, around 10:00pm:

Your eyes kept drifting in my direction; I was wearing a yellow tee shirt and wearing blue sneakers. I smiled at you and looked away and when I got off you had this sheepish grin lighting you up. I thought you were gorgeous… would have loved to stay on the train with you until the next top. Almost did.”

Read through this to check out some more romantic Missed Connection posts that will make your heart skip a beat – and leave you hoping that they were eventually able to reconnect with the ones that got away.


Bad Timing

“You said it was just bad timing. IDK about that, I think there was something deeper. Everything was all good until that night, and you suddenly lost interest. IDK what I said or did, but I wish I had a chance to do it over. Yes, it’s pathetic, I fully agree, but I still think about you, I still think we could have made something good. I told you I’d give you your space, and I’ll stick to that because I don’t lie, but I wish your space wasn’t such a huge chasm. Something told me to keep an eye on you, and then something told me to ask you out. The other day, the same(?) something told me to come here, and when I did, I saw a post that I’m reasonably sure didn’t come from you, but could have described our situation with a couple slight differences. It broke you back out of the box I so carefully constructed for you, and now you’re loose in my head again. I wish you’d message me, or txt me, or something. I hope whatever’s talking to me is talking to you too, and that you listen. Not that I have a choice because you’ve knocked every other woman right out of my head ever since I first talked to you, but I’m still waiting, because I know you’re more than worth it.”


Sunshine Smile

“You are the most favorite part of my day. I go to work to see you and chat with you even if it’s just a couple minutes. I love to hear you laugh and see your beautiful smile. Lately you’ve been in a slump. I’m not sure what to say or do to make you feel better. Sometimes you’re a bit closed and tucked in your shell. […] I hope you get through whatever has you feeling down.”


Bright Eyes on the G Train

“I am no good at starting conversations with strangers, but that never bothered me until today. Blue dress, brown shoes, headphones. Every time our eyes met, my heart jumped into my throat.”


Blue Eyed Girl

“You and 3 friends were sitting dressed up at the table next to me with dark hair, occasionally typing on your iphone. It would have been impolite / out of place for me to interrupt as you were eating with friends and I was with my friend – butyou have the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. We caught each other a few times and I didn’t want to be a creep so I didn’t look long. Instead, I’ve taken to CL, as if that’s not creepy. Perhaps you’re out there in Bushwick somewhere and want to get a beer instead of just glancing, smiling, and looking away.”


Beautiful BBW

“I saw you rolling a travel bag with your mom and thought you were the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It was a cloudy Saturday and you were wearing a plum colored dress. I lost you amidst the crowd and I didn’t have the opportunity to take my headphones off and say hello in passing. I hope to run into you again.”


You Told Me You Loved My Beard, I Was Spellbound

“So there I was, drifting aimlessly around the ReSolute party, lost in my thoughts, when you dissolved from the crowd like an angelic beacon, touched me lightly on the face, and said that if you were a man, you’d want a beard like mine.

And me! What was I to do? I was struck blind, deaf, dumb, and tonguetied in more ways than I can explain. I tried –believe me, I tried – to hand a compliment back to you, but I couldn’t put myself together enough to articulate a thought. I said I liked your dress even though I knew you were wearing a (flattering, if I may say so) black top and a horizontally striped skirt.

And then, like I had woken from a dream, you were gone. I searched the whole party for you for half an hour before I conceded that you had probably left. With a heavy heart but an enraptured spirit, I walked, dazed, out into the pre-dawn chill, deceiving myself in thinking that maybe you were just outside having a cigarette or something. Alas, it was not so, and so I collected my thoughts and began writing this ad.

Even now, I can’t shake the bright smirk in your eyes from my memory. What little of me is left conscious at this hour only wants to, for just one glorious second, find you again and tell you that you made my goddamn night.”

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