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How to Tell If You’ve Been Single for Too Long

You Lose Confidence

There’s really nothing wrong with living the single life, and some people can go months or even years without being in a relationship. However, at some time or another we all hit the breaking point. Find out if you’ve been single for too long by checking for these tell-tale signs.

The first way you can tell you’ve been single too long is when you lose confidence in yourself. You begin to assume that you’re just not attractive and that no one could possibly like you for who you are. This lack of confidence hurts your chances for a relationship because you’ll start missing obvious signs of flirtation.


You Start Eating Junk

Being single means you get to be lazy, and that usually means you stop cooking real food. When you don’t have to worry about feeding a second person, your freezer will start filling up with meals that only require pressing a few buttons to make. You’ll also be less motivated to keep your waistline thin, and that means eating a lot more junk food.


You Turn Into a Slob

It’s a bit sad, but most people don’t really care about appearances unless there’s someone of the opposite sex present. If it weren’t for women, men would never change their clothes or shower. If it weren’t for men, women would never shave or wear makeup. Of course, physical appearance is just where the unraveling begins. After a while, being single eventually means that you lose all sense of manners or class.


You Get a Cat

It’s hard when you’re all alone in this world, but whatever you do, don’t get a cat if you’re single. Looking for companionship from a feline is a terrible idea. Girls think that single guys with cats are weird, and single girls with cats get way too attached. Try to avoid getting a pet altogether, but if you really want a pet then get a dog instead. Walking the dog is an excellent way to socialize, especially if you go to a dog park and talk to other owners.


You Lower Your Standards

If you can’t manage to score a date for a long period of time, you’ll be tempted to lower your standards. While getting an easy date might help boost your confidence, it will more than likely be a complete waste of time. You could very well end up in a long-term relationship with someone that you find unattractive or annoying. Stick to your guns and you’ll thank yourself later.


You Hit on Your Friends

One of the biggest mistakes that long-time singles make is going after close friends. You figure that you’re out of options and you already know that you get along with this person, so why not? Don’t do it. If your flirting backfires, and it most likely will, then your relationship will become extremely awkward. You could end up losing most of your close friends and feel even more alone than before. If you’re really desperate, try asking your friends to set you up with someone they know.


You Play Video Games All Day

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with playing video games, playing them all the time can become a problem. Most people use video games as a chance to escape the harsh realities of the world, and it can seriously mess up your social habits. If you really feel the need to game, try to play something that’s easy to put down, or invite your real-life friends to play so that you don’t get too lost in an online world.


You Ask Your Mother for Help

While your mother might be thrilled to see you more often, asking her for relationship advice is the last thing you want to do. If she sees that you’re struggling to find a date, she’ll probably try to set you up with a friend’s relative from work that’s just as lonely and desperate as you are. This is usually not the way to find a quality date. Plus, your mom will be happier to see that you can take care of yourself without your help.

One comment on “How to Tell If You’ve Been Single for Too Long

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