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Romantic Ways to Propose

Revisit Your First Date

If you’re struggling to come up with a creative way to propose to your girlfriend, then just stick to the basics. It’s better to keep your proposal classic and simple rather than blow the whole thing by going over the top. Pick one of these romantic methods and get your girl to say yes!

Even if your first date was an absolute disaster, it’s still an important memory you share with your girlfriend. Proposing at the place where you two had your first romantic encounter will definitely tug at her heartstrings. Whether you met for dinner, a movie, or cup of coffee; you’ll both be in a romantic mood by the end of your revisited date. When the time feels right, get down on one knee and pop the question.


Horse-Drawn Carriage

There’s just something about the clip-clop of a horse’s hooves that takes us back into a classical world of princes and princesses. No matter how your girl acts in her daily life, there’s a little part of her that has always wanted to be a princess. Put her in the back of a horse-drawn carriage, and she’ll melt in your arms. It’s almost unfair how easy this proposal will be.



If you’re having trouble finding a good location for your marriage proposal, then why not propose somewhere else? Somewhere far away with exotic wildlife and sandy beaches, for example. Proposing to your girlfriend when you’re on vacation can be a little bit risky, especially if the trip is not going well. However, a proposal at sunset on the beach will be hard for her to turn down.



Women tend to believe that men are nothing but lumbering brutes, so doing anything domestic will really surprise your girlfriend. This surprise factor works well in the case of a picnic proposal. First of all, you’ve already prepared an entire meal for the two of you. Second, carrying around a wicker basket is a little bit emasculating. By the time that you have eaten your food, she’ll be totally disarmed. Just pop open the ring box and speak the magic words.


Elegant Dinner

It’s not very creative, but the classic fancy dinner proposal will always be a good way to pop the question. Take your special lady to an upscale restaurant (better than your usual date night places) and order like usual. Ideally, you’ll have called ahead and set up one of these romantic situations with the restaurant manager:

  • The ring is served at the bottom of her wine/champagne glass
  • A desert plate is served with “Will you marry me?” written in syrup
  • Your proposal is printed in the menu

Be aware that some women will be very embarrassed by such a public proposal, but others will absolutely love it. If you know your girlfriend well (well enough to marry), you can make an informed decision.


Make Some Music

If you’ve been blessed with the gift of musicality, then you should definitely use it during your proposal. Depending on your self-confidence, you might want to find a nice, private area, or you can choose to gather around all your friends and family. Prepare a song that you’ve written yourself or learn how to play a song that’s meaningful to both of you. You can sing it acapella, but strumming along on a guitar or ukulele will make it even more special.



If you’re having a lot of trouble getting up the nerve to present the ring to your girlfriend, then let an animal do the work for you! If you already have a cat or dog, then use it, but otherwise you should buy a cute puppy or kitten. Simply slip the ring onto the collar of your pet and put it on her bed just before she wakes up in the morning. Your girlfriend will wake up to a cute surprise that’s wearing an even bigger surprise around its neck! It’s pretty hard to say no to that.


Treasure Hunt

If your girlfriend is a bit more adventurous, then you can set up an elaborate treasure hunt with a shiny surprise waiting at the end. Ideally, you’ll want to set up a short series of clues that leads to the final location of the ring. You can either go on the treasure hunt with her, or be waiting at the end for her to arrive. Here are a few clue ideas that you can use for your treasure hunt proposal:

  • Secret codes
  • Hand-drawn map
  • Cut up photo (to put back together)
  • GPS coordinates

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