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Worst Types of First Dates

  • The Ex Obsessed

We’ve all heard horror stories of this type of bad date, if not experienced it ourselves. This date has had a recent breakup and just can’t stop talking about his/her ex. News flash: the guy/girl you’re out with now doesn’t want to hear another damn word about the person you used to love/stalk/sleep with. It’s definitely not the way to start a new relationship.


  • The Cell Phone Junkie

Nothing interrupts the mood of a first date quite like someone checking their texts or Facebook or God forbid actually answering a call every five to ten minutes. Outside of an real emergency or issue with the kids at home with a babysitter, anything going on with your phone can wait until after the date. Why would you agree to go out with someone and try to get to know them if you’re more interested in talking to other people while he/she is sitting in front of you?


  • The Blabber Mouth

Of course, you are supposed to talk on a first date and get to know each other, but this date talks way too much — either about him/herself or about a topic that clearly doesn’t interest you. You know, the sports nut who won’t stop talking about last night’s game, giving you a play by play despite your comment about being oblivious to anything athletic. Or the chick who can’t quit running her mouth about her backstabbing friends and how much she hates all the drama (drama queen much?). These dates have a way of completely ruining dinner and sending you home mentally exhausted. Not fun.


  • TMI Guy

A first date is a time to get to know each other, but that doesn’t mean that you should tell your date your entire life history in one night. You have to save something for later — some things for much, much later. This date, unfortunately, doesn’t understand the idea of personal restraint, spouting off about how many kids he/she wants, that little rash that has finally started to clear up or how he hates the way his mom folds his underwear. Stop, please!

Alternately, there is also the person that treats a first date like an interrogation, asking way too many personal or inappropriate questions: “So, what are your preferences in the bedroom?” “That’s a nice watch. How much money do you make?” “Who would you say is your hottest friend?”

Some things we just don’t want to know about or be asked about. Cool it.


  • The Loud Drunk

So your date seems perfectly normal, until he/she gets a few drinks deep. Then everything changes. Most people loosen up a little when they drink, but some people seem to change into a different person entirely — a loud, obnoxious person you wouldn’t be caught dead with. Yet here you are, stuck on a date with them. How embarrassing.


  • The “Friend”

This one can actually hurt the worst. You have what seems to be a great date. You get to the end and plan to make a second date and your date lays the friend bomb on you. They just weren’t feeling it, even though you seemed to get along great and you felt chemistry that apparantly wasn’t actually there. Then you go home alone wondering what you did wrong for the next week or so.


  • The Asshole

This guy or girl either has some sort of self-esteem issue or a superiority complex, both of which are incredibly annoying and unattractive. He/she talks down to the waitress, makes outrageous demands, doesn’t tip, or a combination of these. This behavior is a red flag because it will likely spill over into other situations, and he/she may end up treating you this way if you actually pursue a relationship. 


  • The Opinion Maker

Everyone is entitled to an opinion in every matter, but some things are better left alone on the first date. This type of dater, however, doesn’t have any boundaries, bringing up sensitive issues, like religion and politics, when he/she barely knows anything about you yet. It’s also likely that, if this person is so quick to share opinions on controversial subjects (especially if you didn’t even ask), he/she is the type to push these opinions on you, trying to convince you that yours are wrong if they are different. This is an argument waiting to happen.

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