Why we Cheat?

Sadly cheating is something that nobody expects to have happen in their relationship, but it often happens, despite how much two people may love each other. Many couples are faced with dealing with the fallout caused by one of them cheating on the other. Statistics are hard to verify because most people don’t want to admit that they’ve cheated, even anonymously. It’s estimated that between 30-60% of married people have, or will, cheat on their spouse.

Most people don’t even realize that their spouse or significant other is cheating on them. Even though there are some signs, they are never sure indicators that someone is cheating. Small changes in behavior are usually the biggest indicator of infidelity, and they may go unnoticed for awhile. If someone suspects their spouse is cheating, it’s a good possibility that they are.

The invention of the Internet has made it easier for people to meet people and cheat. Some people do not consider “cyber relationships” real nor cheating. However, the emotional attachments that can be formed while chatting with someone on the Internet can be just as destructive to a marriage as a physical affair.

It is possible to rebuild a relationship after infidelity, but it will take a lot of work from both people. Trust takes a second to break and years to rebuild once someone has been unfaithful. The couple may even consider working with a counselor in an attempt to rebuild their relationship.

The Moral Dilemma

Cheating is something that we do constantly. From exams, to sports, to relationships, people often look for ways to bend the rules in any way they can. In fact, even in this world full of evils, there are few immoral activities that society is more consumed with than cheating. It is a fascinating dilemma that concerns all ages and will probably be around as long as we are.

The question then remains, what motivates us as humans to openly do something that we know is completely and morally wrong? This gallery will at least attempt to cover some of the major reasons for such wrongful action. That way, next time you cheat, you may at least understand why you did it.

“Hey Jealousy”

One of the biggest reasons we cheat is because we are jealous that somebody else has something we don’t. People certainly hate to be without possessions, but it’s even worse when we see our best friend or our neighbor with the exact thing that we so much desire.

Think about the last time you cheated on a board game. I’m going to guess you weren’t compelled to do it when you were already winning. Instead, you were mad that your buddy landed on Boardwalk and you didn’t, so you decided to slip an extra 500 bucks away from the imaginary bank. When those around us are profitable, some of us will do anything to reach or even surpass that same level.

Greed: The Great Motivator

Some philosophers have said that greed is the motivation behind everything we do, and this includes cheating. There are times when we should be satisfied with what we have, but there is always the possibility of more. Greed is what compels people to commit crimes like robbing banks or evading taxes, and on a smaller scale can lead to relationship cheating as well. The fact is, we live in a world where there is always something better right under our noses. If the right opportunity presents itself, we will do almost anything that can get us more.

Loss: Having None Means Wanting More

There is nothing worse than feeling like we have lost it all. Whether it is losing a game or losing money, the reality is we hate to lose the things that we have worked so hard to obtain. That is why in our times of trouble, it is not uncommon for us to cheat. 

A great example of how loss can lead to cheating is tax evasion. Whether we like it or not, every payday, a portion of our check has to go to the government. For some of us, parting with that money we have worked so hard for can be a tough task, and we look for ways to lessen the amount we lose.

The sad truth is, life is going to be full of all kinds of loss.

Spoiled Rotten Morals

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of people who are simply given everything they could ever want. From being given free reign of the local toy store to getting a promotion because after sucking up to the boss, there are prime examples of spoiled behavior everywhere we look. When someone is raised in a culture where they feel they always deserve more, they make sure they always get more. Spoiling is sometimes what compels children to commit small crimes like petty theft, and when that translates to adulthood, it can lead to other more serious crimes. Even in relationships, the one who cheats is often the one who feels they can get away with it because they are in a position of privilege. 

Frustration With Failure

Life can be frustrating. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, there are some things we just can’t seem to accomplish. Remember how hard it was to pass that difficult college or high school class? No matter how many hours of studying you put in or how many flash cards you made, every single test would still come back with a big red F on top. Every week that passed, you became more and more frustrated with yourself as you saw your friends talking about how easy that last quiz was.

The Lazy Life

While some of us only resort to cheating after we have tried all other moral options, there are still more of us that cheat simply because we don’t want to work hard. We all know these kinds of people. They are the ones who spend all afternoon sitting on their couch, and then pull a din-and-dash later that evening at dinner.

Nothing is ever completely secure from swindle; and many individuals would rather find the loopholes than put in the honest work required to get what they want. This principle applies to both cheating for crime and personal lives as well. Oftentimes a significant other finds solace in cheating simply because they don’t want to make the effort to maintain a real relationship. Doing nothing and getting something for it will always be the more attractive option.

In situations like that, so many of us reach a breaking point where we feel that there is simply nothing more we can do. Thinking that we can’t afford to fail, we look outside the rules to get things done. Few things are more frustrating than failure, and we often cope with that emotion by cheating.

Another Way to Update Your Status

Looking good to those around us can be a huge motivator. When we were little, Billy’s new Tonka truck made us want to be that cool, and today our boss’ awesome BMW makes us wish we had one. Those who appear to have it all, often receive more attention in return from people looking to be associated with that kind of success. Every football season, the guy with the biggest house and the biggest TV is always going to have the most people begging to come over and watch the game. Possessions and wealth equal status, and some people will cheat to get there.

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