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Best Part of Being Single

Not All That Bad

Being in a relationship can be great, right? You get all kinds of perks, like:

  • A comforting shoulder to cry on
  • Someone to eat dinner with
  • A cure for your loneliness
  • Physical affection

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of upsides to being single.

here are some of the best things about being alone!

Doing What You Want

The #1 biggest perk to being single is getting to do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it! Do you feel like:

  • Sitting around the house all day watching a marathon of ‘America’s Next Top Model’?
  • Seeing the new shoot-em-up action movie by yourself?
  • Watching ‘Glee’ as it airs instead of putting it off to watch NCIS with your boyfriend?
  • Drinking beer, eating pizza, and watching sports with the guys?

You can! Without somebody holding you back, you can do all of the things that you have to feel silly about or put on the back burner when you’re in a relationship. Talk about an awesome benefit!

More Time For Friends

If you’ve been in a serious relationship, you probably know that they can sometimes be hard on your outside friendships. Because you’re spending so much time with your significant other, your buds can feel neglected. Whatever happened to “bros before hoes”? (Or vice versa.)

Well, that’s a non-issue if you’re single! You can spend as much time with your friends as you want, and you won’t have to feel guilty for ignoring your boy or girlfriend. Gotta love that!

Window Shopping

When you’re tied down to a specific person, you might feel bad when you notice other attractive people while you’re out and about. But as a single person, you can window shop all you like, free from shame!

Isn’t it nice to be able to fully appreciate:

  • The sexy blonde riding her bike through the park?
  • The shirtless dude washing his car?
  • The cute guy in front of you in line at Starbucks?
  • That girl at work who’s caught your eye?

Not only can you browse the selection, but it’s an even better shopping experience because you can actually buy! That “money” burning a hole in your “pocket” can be put to good use! That really ups the fun factor of a trip to the mall, eh?

No One To Impress

If you’re single, feel free to take part in any of the following activities at anytime you want:

  • Skip a shower
  • Stop shaving
  • Wear pajamas around the house
  • Don’t wear makeup
  • Don’t wear pants around the house
  • Avoid cleaning up after yourself

Since there won’t be someone around to judge you for these choices, live it up!

Not Stuck in a Crappy Relationship

Aren’t you thankful to not be one of those men and women who are stuck in loveless marriages and abusive relationships right now? So many people in the world are unhappy with where they’ve allowed themselves to end up. But you don’t have to feel that way!

You still have the power! You still have the freedom! Never forget that it’s always better to be lonely than to be in a bad relationship. Always.

All of Your Money Is Yours

While other poor guys are out there throwing their money away to impress some girl, and women are putting their hard-earned money toward their man’s overeating habit, every cent you make belongs to you and you alone!

Money may not grow on trees, but it’s much less of a burden when you don’t have to spend it on other people! That’s a singledom perk you can literally take straight to the bank.

Having the Bed To Yourself

Since you aren’t crowded by the presence of another human being in your bed, you can:

  • Stretch out and enjoy the extra space
  • Roll around as much as you like, without disturbing anyone
  • Not put up with any annoying snoring or heavy breathing
  • Sleep through the night without someone waking you up when they move
  • Turn on a fan, radio, or anything else that helps you sleep that might bug a significant other

Soak up this positive while you still can! It really is a great bonus of being alone.

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