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Not Always Ever After

“Loving someone so much doesn’t always mean
They’re the right one for us”
It’s not always happy ending when we fall in love
Because true love never ends.
There will come a time that you will get hurt or much worst feel neglected.
“its better to accept the fact that you are not appreciated
Than to insist yourself to someone who never really see your worth.”
The more you love that person, the more you get hurt.
You’re afraid to face the truth…
That the person you dearly love, can’t see your worth…
Is he/she worth loving for?…

“Letting go doesn’t mean giving up, but rather accepting
That there are things that cannot be.”
There are things in this world that are not meant to be.
Maybe there are things that we want but really not needed.
We need to learn to accept.
“let go” for us to move on
Loving someone is getting them free, letting them go..
Does it hurt?…
so bad…
for someone who loved dearly
never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting
to let go its not to deny but to accept the hardest thing to do is letting go not because
you want to but because you have to.
There is someone out there who is really meant for us who will gieve us strength to love again. Who will teach us how to love and to believe in LOVE again.
Even if we set them free…
Even if we got hurt so bad..
Someone out there is waiting for us….


One comment on “Not Always Ever After

  1. Wow this is so true but letting go is the hardest and what if you let go when the person is the one for you and all you needed was just a little more patience.

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