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25 things you should know about your man

  • When he says “I love you,” he expects to hear “I love you too.” Best answer: “I love you more.”
  • Man hates arguing because he always wants to win. Encourage him to compromise. 
  • He actually loves long hair. This is the reason why commercials always have women with long hair. 
  • Speak softly and sweetly and he will listen.
  • He hates it when you ask him how you look like; he doesn’t lie.
  • Yes, he takes a glance at the beautiful woman passing by. The same way you steal a glance at a passing hunk. 
  • He always wants to please, especially if he knows that his partner is happy with what he is doing.
  • He hates to wait, he expects yo to be ready when he picks you up for a date.
  • While he smokes, he considers woman who smokes as cheap and easy.
  • Don’t expect him to read your mind, after all she is not a woman.
  • Dress to please your man, and not your friends.
  • Your man really wants to talk about basketball, soccer and computer games. Don’t act bored when he talks about these. He may also do the same when you talk about fashion.
  • He always wants to please. However, he wants as well to be appreciated. A compliment will always make him do more. 
  • He hates being told what to do especially when he doesn’t ask for help. You only make him feel he’s with his mother.
  • Men always want to be sought for advice; it makes them feel they are being trusted and important.
  • To a man, being respected is much more important than being loved.
  • A man wants every man envy him when with his girlfriend. Being sweet and showy sometimes help boost his ego.
  • Men always want to be appreciated when they give compliments. A simple “thank you,”will suffice if he says you have a nice outfit. 
  • No, men are sometimes insecure than you think. This is the reason why he always wants some respect.
  • A man really doesn’t know how he feels. The reason why he doesn’t tell.
  • A smile is a man’s weakness. A simple smile will make his knees weak with pleasure – will do anything you want.
  • Men hate to hear about your ex-boyfriends, unless they ask.
  • They don’t like to argue and don’t like to guess what is wrong. They just want to be told so they can fix it the soonest. 
  • He may have forgotten something about anniversaries and birthdays, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore. Give him a card and he will realize his mistake and will surely make up for it. 
  • A man normally keeps quiet when upset. He sometimes needs to calm down before saying anything he will regret. 

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